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About the Teacher's Manual

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The Teacher’s and Trainer’s Manual that supplements the DVD, An Interest-based Mediation: From Workplace Dispute and Discharge to Accommodation and Agreement - A Narrated Mediator-training Video contains a full written version or transcript of the film. The Teacher’s Manual includes all of the narrator’s explanations about the mediation process and about the mediator’s goals, techniques and objectives in each stage. It also contains the actual mediation transcript itself. Further, it includes the screen shots, or bullet points that highlight and summarize key concepts. The Manual also outlines classroom learning objectives and provides informative background about the range of mediator styles and approaches.

Further expanding on some of the points touched on in the film, additional text box notes in the Teacher’s Manual provide the teacher with a fertile source of questions for lively classroom discussion. Why aren’t the lawyers present?; What plans do they need to make with their clients if they’re not present?; If they were present, how could they be helpful (or detrimental) to the process?; What is the difference between the mediation process and shuttle negotiation?; Is it important that mediators have ground rules, and if so, what should these contain?; What if the mediator misstates something during the paraphrase?; What are these parties’ underlying interests?; What will be the consequences if this case doesn’t settle and goes to trial?; and so forth. A caucus exercise enables students to identify precise moments in the mediation at which the mediator used certain techniques to accomplish specific goals.

The Teacher’s Manual’s chapters correspond to, or track, the chapters in the film, which in turn, track the mediation process, making the Manual particularly user-friendly.

Both the Teacher’s Manual and the Student Handbook include a transcript of the film’s narration, the screen shot summaries of key points, the caucus exercise, the learning objectives, and the background information about the range of mediator styles and approaches. However, unlike the Teacher’s Manual, the Student Handbook does not include the transcript of the mediation session itself (parties and mediator); the details about the film found in the teacher’s “Welcome” section; the suggestions for how to use the written and audio-visual materials; or the text box notes that elaborate on points in the film for the teacher’s use in classroom discussion.  (The Teacher’s Manual also is designed and priced so that it can be assigned as an alternative to the Student Handbook.)