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About "Stop Action! What Would You Do? - An Interactive Mediator Training Tool."

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Stop Action! a 16 minute DVD that can be used in an interactive class or workshop. At critical junctures in the simulated mediation, teachers stop the film to solicit from the audience in-the-moment ideas about appropriate mediator interventions. The video then resumes so that trainees can see, and then discuss, the mediator’s chosen intervention, providing for immediate learning. Because there is a wide range of approaches to mediation, Stop Action! provides for lively conversation and healthy disagreement. Thus, it is an excellent training tool for both novices and seasoned mediators.

Stop Action! highlights critical decision-making junctures involving:

• agenda setting,
• process control,
• attacking/defending,
• blaming, and
• pushing “hot buttons.

Stop Action! can be used as a stand-alone training tool or as a supplement to either DVD on which it is based -- the narrated version or the full, unedited version of An Interest-based Mediation: From Workplace Dispute and Discharge to Accommodation and Agreement.