About "An Interest-based Mediation: From Workplace Dispute and Discharge to Accommodation and Agreement - A narrated mediator-training video."  (DVD, 1 hr. 32 min)

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"There are very few really useful mediator training videos that explain step by step how mediators assist conflicted parties in moving from impasse to resolution.  This is one of the best.  The steps and explanations are simple enough to be learned by anyone, yet some of the subtler and more intricate elements in the art of dispute resolution are explained as well."

 - Kenneth Cloke, J.D.

President, Mediators Beyond Borders

Mediator / Arbitrator / Director, The Center for Dispute Resolution (Santa Monica, CA).  Author of  Mediating Dangerously: The Frontiers of Conflict Resolution ***  The Crossroads of Conflict ***  Mediation: Revenge and the Magic of Forgiveness ***  Mediators Beyond Borders: Partnering for Peace and Reconciliation,  and other works

"I was privileged to use an advance copy of "An Interest Based Mediation" in my Mediation class at Seattle University Law School. In my opinion, there is no better resource for teaching the various stages of interest-based mediation. Chapters of the video were easily incorporated into my syllabus, which then gave the students a chronological reference point for further study and exploration of each phase of mediation. The students were thrilled to see the skills come to life, and the film saved having to embark in the cumbersome process of enlisting guest role players in order to demonstrate the mediation process. The scenario depicted was interesting and engaging, and the accompanying explanations served to both bookmark each phase and embed the learning for the viewer. I look forward to using it again in future classes."

-  Dee Knapp, J.D.

President, Accord & Collaboration Dispute Resolution Services; Adjunct Professor and
Director, Mediation Clinic, Seattle Univ. School of Law / Attorney / Mediator

This mediator-training film (92 min. DVD) includes a 73-minute edited mediation session, narrated to explain and demonstrate the progressive stages of the facilitative mediation process. Because the video demonstrates a variety of skilled interventions -- techniques designed to make forward movement, break impasse, and help conflicted parties reach resolution --it is an excellent learning tool for novices and experienced mediators alike. The facts center on an allegedly-discriminatory discharge of a former manager who has multiple sclerosis (MS). While hypothetical, the facts are based on an actual conflict (mediation scenario).

As a mediation training tool, An Interest-Based Mediation...

  • Explains and demonstrates the interest-based model

  • Demonstrates effective interventions in emotional conflict settings

  • Explains and demonstrates each segment of a primarily open-session facilitated mediation, including appropriate caucuses

  • Highlights interest-based mediation’s potential to empower parties to advocate for themselves and heal damaged relationships

  • Portrays segments of a full mediation facilitated by a professional mediator

  • Provides chapter menus with corresponding times, enabling the teacher to select scenes to fit the time available, to show any chapter at any time, or to return to chapters when students raise questions about the process

  • Consists of 73 minutes of a narrated mediation session and 19 minutes of supplemental interviews – long enough to provide in-depth training but short enough to be used in a workshop or class

  • Is supplemented by a Teacher's and Trainer's Manual, a Trainee and Student Handbook, an interactive DVD, and a full-length, unedited mediation session DVD. The Teacher’s Manual also is designed and priced so that it can be assigned as an alternative to the Student Handbook.