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Caucus Exercise Instructions

About the Student Handbook

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A Mediator-Trainee and Student Handbook is available to supplement the DVD, “An Interest-based Mediation: From Workplace Dispute and Discharge to Accommodation and Agreement - A narrated mediator-training video.”

The Student Handbook includes a full transcript of the DVD’s narration, describing and explaining each stage of the mediation process. It includes the film’s screen shots, which are the bullet points summarizing key concepts discussed by the narrator. It includes the film's learning objectives, as well as informative background about the range of different mediator styles and approaches. It also includes a caucus exercise, in which students are given the transcript of two caucuses and are asked to identify precise moments where the mediator effectively used a number of specific skills and techniques.

The Student Handbook also includes space for writing notes and questions as students watch the film in a class or workshop. Since the written transcript of the narration is included, students can focus on the techniques demonstrated on the screen and on class discussion while watching and critiquing the DVD, without having to try to write down the narrator’s analysis as they hear it on the film. In this way, students can return to the Handbook later at their convenience to further study the narrator’s explanations of the mediator’s goals, techniques and objectives in each stage of mediation. (The Teacher’s Manual also is designed and priced so that it can be assigned as an alternative to the Student Handbook.)