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About "An Interest-based Mediation: from Workplace Dispute and Discharge to Accommodation and Agreement - A Full, Unedited Mediation Session." (2 discs, 3 hours)

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  Available in Package 3 $229, 3 DVDs ($189 for nonprofits and teachers)

The full unedited DVD (2 discs) contains the entire 3 hour mediation session from which the narrated training video was taken.  This video shows the complete first session of a workplace mediation. In the fuller version, viewers see the flow of the mediation session from start to finish.  This unedited, full-length session provides for in-depth viewing outside the more limited time frame of a typical classroom training period.

Demonstrating the facilitative, interest-based style of mediation, the mediator works directly with the parties as they address professional and interpersonal conflict and reach mutually-agreeable solutions. This DVD is an in-depth companion to the shorter, edited and narrated training video.

The chapter menu, which includes each chapter’s run time, allows for easy access to the specific scenes on which the teacher wishes to focus.  The complexity and realism of the case offer many opportunities for discussion of mediator strategies and interventions. Suggestions for how to use the video are included and also available to download at the left of this page.

For mediator-trainees currently participating in a mediation practicum, the DVD can enhance that training by providing exposure to some of the problems that typically arise in employment disputes.